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Who we are?

Areteans is a global services & solutions company that excels in enabling Businesses to transform and evolve digitally by executing Pega Implementations the right way through proactive collaboration with our customers, straddling the technical spheres as below

BPM Platform based Case Management

Decisioning & Analytics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sales & Onboarding



Legacy Transformations

Business Process Optimization

Vision, Mission & Values


Enabling customers to excel in their business through our technology services & solutions


We intend to achieve our vision by proactively collaborating with our customers to set up goals & achieving them, by providing the most optimized service/solution resulting in the highest value outcome.


 All of these in combination shall lead to “Arete” which is “Excellence“. And an “Aretean” possessing it shall become a person of the highest effectiveness delivering real results to our customers.

It’s the inherent insight in any “Aretean” to make good judgements and take quick decisions. Their sharp intellect brings forth the ability to make strategic calls which helps our customers remain successful in their projects.
It’s the inherent obligation in any “Aretean” to take ownership & accountability of things that our customers have trusted us to deliver.
It’s the inherent characteristic of any “Aretean” to perform in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice and remain upright & virtuous in whatever role they are in, serving our customers with Integrity.
Team work
It’s the inherent quality of any “Aretean” to work selflessly with fellow ‘Areteans’ to achieve the goals of our customers. Though we value Individual brilliance a lot, we value the ability to deliver success collaboratively much above it.
It’s the inherent ability of any “Aretean” to possess exceptional skills in their chosen area of technology to make a difference for our customers & create lasting sustainable value for them.

Executive Team

Mahesh Kumar Agrawal
Mahesh Kumar Agrawal
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
An accomplished technology and business leader with a career spanning over 20 years in Information Technology, Mahesh has been at the forefront of supporting the digital transformation across Banking, Insurance and Public sectors. His relentless focus on Customer Success by investing on a world leading platform like Pega has won him the trust of Business Leaders across the world. He has been instrumental in providing thought leadership and guidance to customers to focus on business solutions with technology playing the role of an enabler.
Sid Mohanty
Sid Mohanty
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
An accomplished technologist, he is the visionary within the organization providing thought leadership to drive digital transformations for our customers and maximizing the ROI from Pega Platform. Sid has been instrumental in setting up the solutions practice at Areteans that is building plug-n-play solutions on Pega in banking & insurance verticals and working with customers to provide scalable, enterprise grade applications.
Sanjeev Singh
Sanjeev Singh
Co-founder and Head of Delivery
A Pega Principal Architect at heart, he is the “Perfectionist” within the organisation, and the reason all of Areteans remains on the cutting edge of technology and churns project success after success. Apart from his delivery role, he is usually seen juggling across multiple roles contributing his wisdom and guidance to Sales ,Solutions and Consulting divisions at Areteans.
Subhakanta Mishra
Subhakanta Mishra
Co-founder and Head of Business Development
He is responsible for Global Business Development, Sales and Customer Success along with running Services Operations in APAC and Europe. The resident “Strategist” within the organisation, he is responsible and tasked with driving the company's top line growth, branding, market presence, business planning, operational efficiency and is the key driver fuelling the expansion of Areteans footprint globally.

Leadership Team

Agniswar Chatterjee
Agniswar Chatterjee
Vice President, Delivery & Operations, Kolkata
Agni is an accomplished BPM solution architect with over 18 years of IT experience of which more than a decade has been spent on Pega PRPC. He has not only demonstrated his excellence in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling of large-scale engagements, he possesses strong implementation experience in Pega PRPC with exceptional debugging and problem solving skill.
Ashok Kumar Bommisetty
Ashok Kumar Bommisetty
Associate Director, Delivery and Pre-sales - AU & NZ
Being an seasoned BPM solutions architect with over 11 years of IT experience spread over ANZ & USA, he has the reputation of delivering large scale Pega implementations in Insurance and Banking Sectors. His strong knowledge of Pega Platform Technology, Strategic applications combined with excellent problem solving and leadership skills makes him a natural leader in delivering major Pega projects.

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