Advisory Services

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Advisory Services – Consulting services

We stand for Thought Leadership in Pega with a proven track record of having delivered many successful projects till date.

In addition to our technical practices, our Business Architects and domain experts provide the necessary edge in consulting for our teams to perform above everybody else. Our consulting services used by prospects & regular customers for bespoke engagements help create & sustain value through entire Pega Journey within their organizations.

We provide the following Pega Advisory Services:

Business Architect Services

At a Strategic/Program Level –

We offer business architectural experts who work with customers to understand their business objectives & high-level requirements, to create an accurate assessment of the outcomes/benefits delivery roadmap, ROI/NPV proposition, impact & change analysis document, and costs; in terms of financials, time & effort, to deliver the end state. All of the above combined, provide clarity on the project to the stakeholders, minimize risks and improve downstream execution.

At a Project Level –

  • We offer our business architectural expertise at a project level to translate strategic initiatives into delivery-focused modules.
  • Work with the Project team to create, communicate & promote a common understanding of business architecture.
  • Work with Analysts and Architects to deliver Pega projects successfully.

Design Reviews

We offer PSA Design Reviews for your Pega project to check the efficiency of the implementation, reusability, and extendibility of functionality along with performance.

This serves the purpose of providing suitable safeguards against downstream errors related to architecture or poor coding standards.

Usability Reviews

We have a dedicated UX practice staffed with a lot of experience in working with teams across the world, to deliver the best possible experience on Pega. Our certified professionals keep abreast of new developments in the UI & UX space, and work with our system architects to push the envelope in terms of Pega Out-of-the-Box capabilities.

Usability Reviews are offered by these experience consultants to consider the application context, Pega build version, user segmentation, customer pain points to validate design decisions, and to provide specific recommendations.

Performance Health Check

We have Performance Experts on Pega who work with customers globally to conduct Performance Health Checks of your existing applications post-production. Our consultants will visit on-site or can look at your applications remotely, to inspect and analyze issues arising out of flaws in design, architecture or erroneous hardware sizing metrics.

Within a period of 1-2 weeks, we come up with a remediation approach as part of the Health Check Report Card. We can even work with you to quickly implement the recommendations which can optimize all aspects of your Pega solution.

Centre of Excellence Accelerator

Our PSAs work with customers globally to establish Centre of Excellence vision & strategy, within a span of weeks, taking into consideration, your existing application landscape and your future growth. We can guide you to quickly create baseline processes, operating models, request qualifications, staffing models, and processes for technology stack evaluation.

Our team works in a collaborative manner to understand your strategic goals, while supporting you tactically to get the COE up and running in the early days. In the event of a COE being established but not performing as expected, we work with you to review processes and do a gap analysis to come up with an optimized model to run it.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Unique to the industry, we have an in-house consulting team which specializes in working with customers or pre-sales teams, to provide rapid prototyping services.

This becomes immensely handy, in situations where the business context and requirement hasn’t been fully understood, and the need is to quickly develop a working solution to demonstrate the feasibility of the business case or check suitability of Pega as a technology. Our existing customers also leverage our teams to explore new features in Pega or complementary technologies, and assess their incorporation within their existing applications.