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Be Digitally Empowered

Areteans is helping the world’s leading providers in Communications & Media vertical to deliver lean yet robust systems which built for the future and catering to the varied needs of the market be it for

Delivering tailored customer experiences

Improving customer retention rates and reduce churn

Significantly improve operational efficiencies

Effective Campaign & Offer management

We at Areteans, are helping our customers tackle the challenges below in Communications & Media Services.

Increase Upsell & Cross Sell

We as an organization leverage our Marketing Practice to support our Communications & Media Customers to implement Pega Marketing for Communications successfully.

Provide an Omni Channel Experience

We support customers in the converged communications industry to develop value growth strategies, improve their experience across channels and maintain conversation with end users seamlessly.

By leveraging state of the art Pega Platform with Communications Industry Foundation we maximize organizational effectiveness.

Reduce Churn and Retain

Churn is a constant in this vertical. However anticipating churn, by applying deep knowledge of the customer data available we work with our customers to improve operational excellence, provide the right personalized offer in the right context at the right time to retain end users and create sustainable value throughout the customer life-cycle.

Possessing expertise in the following Pega Frameworks

Comms Fundamentals
Communications Industry Foundation
Customer Service
Pega Customer Service for Communications
Decisioning & Marketing
Pega Marketing for Communications
Sales & Onboarding
Pega Configure, Price & Quote for Communications
Order Management for Communications

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