Innovation Labs

Innovation that ignites transformation

Innovation Labs Practice

Our innovation labs practice leverages our centralized Pega LABS and varied Solution Teams tools to leverage Advanced Decisioning Models, AI, Chatbots, NLP, and Machine learning. We help your organization trailblaze your way into digital disruption with a unified omni-channel experience.

We at Areteans, have identified the different areas of optimization in the commonly used modules of any Pega application, and our labs are tasked with providing specific value-added services based on them.

Our Delivery services are based on one single belief that our deep Pega expertise can help our customers address business and technology challenges, by Solutioning each application in a manner that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the business opportunity - both tactically, as well as strategically. Our Labs focus on the following areas to cater to the unique demands of our customers.


Identifying and prototyping the right usage of various flavors of analytics including Predictive/Adaptive modeling, Data Visualization, Sentiment & Text Analysis, Marketing Offer Optimization, Churn Reduction etc.


We work with your teams to Prototype UI Designs or review UX Wireframes. Along with our solutions on Optimizing UX, we review customer behavior on your B2C or B2B applications, and work with you to improve the experience significantly.

Proof of Concepts

We work with you to identify the right fit of Pega, based on your requirements. Our experts guide on the best usage of Pega, based on your industry vertical. We support a gap-fit analysis, and also work to provide quick POCs on our servers for prototyping and demonstrations. We also support customers who want to do Performance simulations, by solving complex customer issues which may require a high-performance architecture.


We support your teams in building adapters for third-party solutions and frameworks based on existing gaps in the market to better serve our customers.


We offer quick estimation of Pega upgrade effort, while supporting you chart the upgrade path for stable migration to latest versions of Pega. With an eye on the potential ROI post upgrade, we work with older customers of Pega to bring the best & latest of the platform with the least amount of disruption.