Facilitating deep dives into data insights

Analytics Practice

Advances in digital technology are reshaping the world of marketing & sales. The potential for real-time connectivity with customers; especially through social networks, has generated seemingly endless possibilities for personalized products, services, and communication. Because digital is so ubiquitous, and affects so many aspects of customer behavior and company operations, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Most of the companies are exploring this unchartered territory and embarking on their quest for digital transformation.

We at Areteans are a skilled team of digital marketing experts, with experience of helping clients in their digital transformation journey. Our services are designed to reduce your costs and adopt Analytics industry best practices. We help you implement an analytics journey using Pega, that provides you visibility into data insights that drive your KPIs. We help you strategize your analytics roadmap to increase leads, conversions, and in turn, ROI.

What we do:

  • Help clients derive useful insights from data to drive the digital marketing initiatives for better customer experience
  • Bring the best of Pega Marketing, Decision hub and Next Best Action capabilities to enhance sales and customer retention
  • Integrate the solutions with CRM, web and other channels to never miss an opportunity to interact with customers
  • Leverage strong AI and predictive analytics features of Pega Marketing, to deliver the best personalized content/offer through right channel at the right time

Our Pega Certified experts are well versed to support all features of Customer Decision Hub:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Adaptive Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Data Flows
  • Strategies
  • Revision Management
  • Complex Event Processing

Our analytics practice provides data-driven solutions that accurately address your business problems & challenges, and empower you to create a world-class Analytics implementation with robust stakeholder reporting capabilities, reporting automation, and insights & recommendations to propel your business.

Business Analytics Solutions

We work closely with your BI teams, to identify the gaps between business context, KPIs, and Analytics. We provide a detailed audit report that prescribes how to eliminate the gaps and implement KPIs that accurately measure the business. We provide qualitative and quantitative insights that help you streamline your analytics roadmap.

Advanced Analytics Integration

We support building world-class analytics integrations using 3rd party market leading analytics and data visualization tools, so that you do more with your data.